Smoke Machine has cut your year-long wait for Organik festival in half. In December, welcome to our new festival: Spectrum Formosus. A three-day, indoor and outdoor, day and night, completely novel experience. Different from Organik. Different from what we’ve done before. Different from anything. Spectrum Formosus will exhibit the musical qualities of indigenous Taiwanese music; from local folk artists to contemporary classical musicians, as well as the new generation of experimental electronic explorers. Yet, as Smoke Machine, we stay true to our roots: quality electronic music. Spectrum Formosus features artists hailing from Lebanon, Italy, the United States, the Netherlands, Russia, Japan, and Korea. A global and well-formed spectrum of both upcoming and established artists. 

Moving away from the shores of Hualian, Spectrum Formosus will be held closer to our home, with a daytime program located on the southern edges of Taipei in Xindian. Nestled in a green, lush, natural oasis within the urban city environment of Taipei, we provide you with a perfect spot for a daily get-away from the city – including camping possibilities. A place to chill, dance, meet and make friends. A place to embrace the vibe of Spectrum Formosus and Smoke Machine: In an age in which nationalism and closed-mindedness seem to prevail globally, we offer a counter space. A safe space for all of those who support and cherish liberty, openness, love, and inclusiveness. A space where all are welcome, regardless of race, background, class, sexual preference and gender identity. 


DAY 1:
YUKA (Fullpanda Records) Russia 
ANDREA (Ilian Tape) Italy
diskonnected (Smoke Machine)
Al Burro (Korner)
Andy Chiu (Korner)
Betty Apple-鄭宜蘋 X Oll 礦物母金剛 卍 Mineral G③rilla ll LIVE 
Jasiong3 LIVE
T Wang
Vice City
Red Beam
Flyinsnow 飛雪

DAY 2:
Tropic of Cancer (Downwards / Blackest Ever Black) U.S.A
Tzusing (L.I.E.S.)
Forests 森林 (Lonely God)
Valentin Tszin
Al Burro (Korner)
Jesse You from Korea
Minijay (Bass Kitchen) 
Lujiachi (Lonely God)
TOSKA (Korner)
Umbra (Korner)
Xu Feng LIVE
小提琴 龔志成 from Hong Kong
日本津輕三味線演奏:惟喬 Charles
現代芭蕾:Janet Chen

DAY 3:
Rabih Beaini [Morphosis] (Morphine Records) Lebanon
Varg (Northern Electronics) Sweden
Lafidki (Chinabot) UK
Shining Star from Tokyo
Ata from Okinawa
Yoshi Nori (Bass Kitchen) 
Initials B.B. (Bass Kitchen)
都普勒浪潮 Waves of Doppler
林昀駿 Troy Lin
Mike Lambert
White Fungus
大提琴 Annie Chang 張道文

檳榔西施:月光胖仙子 UG


獨家贊助/Sponsored by

傑克丹尼田納西威士忌 Jack Daniel’s
芬蘭伏特加 Finlandia Vodka
希瑪竇龍舌蘭酒 el Jimador TEQUILA


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